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Cutters move to Brandon to become the Brandon Blizzard!


After losing in the Championship finals, ownership has decided to move the Calgary Cutters to Brandon, Manitoba as the Brandon Blizzard. We spoke to GM Brendan Cwik and his decision to move the team, "I never felt like the team was mine, and in this league, there's personality to each team. I decided the best move for me and the team was to leave Calgary and move the team as close to home as possible, Brandon. It's not like we were run out of town because of the embarrassing 4-3 loss when we had a 3-0 lead [eyes shifting back and forth]."

"We are looking forward to this new chapter for the team, and after trading for the first overall pick in this years draft, we are excited for the future of this team. Now I must be going, before those crazy Calgary fans get here." He handed my a VHS copy of Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, looked at me and said "when the time comes, you'll know what to do with it." And that was the last thing GM Brendan Cwik said before pulling a book from his book case, causing a tube to slowly come down for the ceiling, where GM Cwik stepped inside and was immediately shot up, disappearing almost instantly. I gazed out the window to see the oncoming mob of angry Cutters fans and GM Brendan Cwik flying off in a jet pack over the crowd.